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Valencia Cathedral
click here to enlarge this image The Micalet Bell
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The Cathedral Bells

In the steeple of the “New Bell Tower” there are two clock bells: “Quarts” 1736 and “Micalet” 1539, an exclusively designed bell to mark the hour, highly used by the Aragon Crown (7.514 kg).

click here to enlarge this imageSince the beginning of the construction there are eleven (“els cinc senys i les sis morlanes”) in the Bell Hall, five big bells;and six smaller ones “las cinco grandes y los seis tiples”.

click here to enlarge this imageThey are still rung for a variety of special events. The oldest bell in the Aragon Crown still used is the Caterina (1305) while the newest one is the Violant (1735). The other smaller ones are the rsula (1438), the Barber (1681), the Pau (1489) and the Arcs (1529). As regards the big bells, we have the Vicent (1569), the Andreu (1604), the Manuel (1621), the Jaume (1429) and the Maria (1544). The last two are the biggest, with 1.750 and 1.765 Kg.

click here to enlarge this imageThey represent the largest group of gothic bells in Spain.
Only the “Quarts” and the “Micalet” are automated for the clock; the Barber for the daily choirs, as well as the Manuel which is rung to close the city walls and the Mara for the prayers. The installation of these three last ones do not impede the manual ringing of the bells by the members of the “Gremi de Campaners” (Bellringers' Trade).

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