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Valencia Cathedral
click here to enlarge this image The frescoes before the restoration
click here to enlarge this image The frescoes after the restoration
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Restoration Work

The Chapter requested the restoration of the paintings. To access the frescoes it was necessary to remove the golden wooden keystone and the severies of the baroque dome.

This removal, in accordance with the legal rules, was made in a reversible way, keeping the fragments numbered under the Chapter's responsibility.

Architect Mr. Salvador Vila Ferrer, took charge of the interior and exterior architectural work. His good reputation derives from very important works in St Mary of Valldigna, Alpuente and other places.

click here to enlarge this imageRestoration of the Great Chapel
Restoration of the whole baroque work of the Great Chapel, marbles, stuccoes, and golden decoration.
click here to enlarge this imageRemoval of the keystone and severies of the dome
The window frames, the images of the saints and the baroque nerves have been conserved. They keep the “vertical reading” of the baroque apse, especially from the entrance and do not impede the sight of the angels.
click here to enlarge this imageRestoration of the apse roof
This external building work is better contemplated from the new “Almoina archaeological square”.
click here to enlarge this imageReconstruction of the terrace
Elimination of the windows and the ambulatory roof tiles, reconstruction of the original terrace and its cornice.
click here to enlarge this imageWorks in the apse, windows and glass windows
Consolidation and cleaning of the apse walls, restoration of the ogival windows, installation of glass windows with exterior and interior ultraviolet filters.
click here to enlarge this imageRenaissance frescoes restoration.
Elimination of mould and fungus, cleaning of dirtiness with erasers, clean-up of the gilded adornment, covering of cracks and missing areas with reversible “rigatino”, fixation of areas with loosening risk.
click here to enlarge this imageLighting of frescoes
Lighting of frescoes with a new system of cold and low-energy light bulbs with Led cells, first time on a Valencian monument. A LED is a semiconductor device in a solid state, which makes it strong, reliable, long-term, and vibration proof turning electrical energy into light. The LED interior is a small semiconductor encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure. On the other hand, the LED devices are ecological since they do not have mercury, are long-term, save considerable energy and do not cause light contamination.

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