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Valencia Cathedral
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John Paul II at the Cathedral

Commemorative plaque

Within the programme of his apostolic visit to Spain, Pope John Paul II came to Valencia on 8 November 1982.

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He visited the Valencia Cathedral, accompanied by the Archbishop Monsignor M. Roca Cabanella. He was welcomed by the Chapter at the “Iron Door”, and when inside he dedicated some words and blessed members of the groups of the Diocesan Synod that crowded the metropolitan church.

click here to enlarge this imageThe Holy Chalice was on the high altar, the Pope kissed it reverently and then signed the Book of Honour of the Brotherhood.

Afterwards, the Holy Father visited the Basilica of Our Lady of the Forsaken and blessed the sick people at the Virgin Square.

Shortly after, he presided the Eucharist at the Alameda Avenue, in which he ordered 150 priests using the Holy Chalice, an unprecedented experience since former times.

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