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Benedict XVI at the Cathedral

5th World Meeting Families, Valencia 2006.The Fifth World Meeting of the Families took place in Valencia on 8 and 9 July 2006, presided by Pope Benedict XVI.

Upon arrival, after having prayed at the scene of the underground crash that had occurred some days before, he visited the Metropolitan Church, accompanied by the Archbishop Monsignor Agustn Garca-Gasco.

click here to enlarge this imageThe Chapter members welcomed him at the “Iron Door”, the main entrance, and then passed to the Holy Chalice Chapel, where representative members of the Royal Brotherhood, the Fraternity of the Holy Chalice, and Spanish bishops were waiting for him. He venerated the sacred glass, signed the Book of Honour of the Fraternity of the Holy Chalice and received the Honour insignia.

click here to enlarge this imageNext, the Pope handed over a chalice as his present for the Archbishop of Valencia and received from the CEC President (Spanish Episcopal Conference) a copy of San Juan de Avila's work “Tratado del amor de Dios” (Treaty of God's Love). Finally he gave Monsignor Blazquez a message for The Spanish Episcopacy that signed right there. Later, he entered the main nave, crowded with Valencian priests and enclosed religious nuns. At the presbytery, he could see its restoration and the Renaissance paintings almost fully repaired. There he listened to the musical instruments copied from the 15th century frescoes together with the Cathedral Choir.

Upon giving the blessing, he went to the Basilica of the Virgin of the Forsaken, going out through the Almoina Door. On the last Mass of the 5th WMF, the Holy Father had the warm gesture of using the Holy Chalice just as Pope John Paul II did in his visit to Valencia in 1982

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