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Valencia Cathedral
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Valencia Cathedral

Details and photos of the Valencia Cathedral
Valencia Cathedral. Miguelete Bell Tower Almoina Square. Virgin Square from the terrace Almoina Door. The Galleries from the terrace Iron Door. Virgin Square. Cathedral detail. Gargoyle Cathedral detail. The Door of the Apostles Cathedral detail. Miguelete Bell Tower Cathedral interior.Holy Chalice Chapel Dome. Rose window. Canonical Choir Cathedral frescoes. Detail of the Door of the ApostlesView of the Iron Door from the Miguelete The Main altarpiece and the Canonical choir Detail of the floor of the Cathedral View of the dome from the Miguelete Exterior of the Holy Chalice Chapel Details of the Almoina Door Ogival window above the Almoina Door Large door of the Baroque entrance Baptismal font (14th century black marble fixed in the wall) Virgin Square and the Cathedral The Door of the Apostles Detail of the ceiling decoration of the Holy Chalice Chapel Resurrection Chapel Detail of the Holy Chalice Chapel
The High Altarpiece open The Altar The Iron Door (detail) Small Altar The Apostles Door (detail) The Chapter House The Valencia Cathedral Organ

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