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The Fraternity of the Holy Chalice

Standard of the Fraternity of the Holy Chalice

Archbishop Marcelino Olaechea y Lozaga and the Metropolitan Chapter promoted this illustrious public association, canonically created at the Cathedral, with approved statutes ad experimentum on 25 March 1952 and finally authorized by the Prelate on 25 November 1955.

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Its first president was Mr. Luis B. Lluch Garn and its first custodian canon of the Holy Chalice worship. Benjamn Civera Miralles was the ecclesiastic assistant of the Fraternity. The aim of this association is to encourage devotion to the Holy Chalice, promoting works in the chapel and the spreading of the knowledge of the sacred cup with conferences, articles and book publishing.

click here to enlarge this imageThe see is in the Cathedral. It sponsors and organizes the “Holy Chalice Annual Feast” on the last Thursday of October and the “Thursdays of Holy Chalice” (except the first one dedicated to the Royal Brotherhood), when they make pilgrimages of parishes, civic entities and associations of faithful people.

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