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Valencia Cathedral
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Complete List

Canon Chapter

Most Illustrious Mr.
Mr. Emilio Aliaga Girbés.
Dean-President and Liturgy Prefect

Most Illustrious Messrs.

Mr. Salvador Vázquez Caplliure
Member of the Permanent Commission.

Mr. Miguel Payá Andrés
Magistral, Vice president.

Mr. Jaime Sancho Andreu
Judge accountant.

Mr. Manuel Soler Espí.

Mr. Adolfo Barrachina Carbonell.

Mr. Salvador Castellote Cubells.

Mr. Vicente Collado Bertomeu

Mr. Ramón Fita Revert

Mr. Arturo Llin Cháfer.

Mr. Roberto Sebastián Martínez.

Mr. Miguel Bou Piñón.
Singer and Assistant to the Custodian of the Holy Chalice.

Mr. Antonio Andrés Ferrandis

Mr. José Pérez Leal

Mr. Alfredo Chilet Raga.
Singer and visitor.

Mr. Vicente Pons Alós
Archivist - Librarian.

Mr. Vicente Fontestad Pastor.

Mr. Jorge José Miró Miró.
Syndic and Chapter secretary.

Mr. Álvaro Almenar Picayo
Protocol Manager and Custodian of the Holy Chalice worship.

Mr. Arturo Climent Bonafé
Representative for Pastoral affairs.

Mr. Alfonso López Benito
Legal adviser of the Cathedral Chapter.

Mr. Aquilino Martínez Gallego
Sacred Music Prefect and Organist.

Mr. Juan Damián Gandía Barber
Assistant to the Liturgy Prefect and Judge accountant.

Mr. José Francisco Castelló Colomer
Master of ceremonies.

Mr. Jorge Morant Morant
Penitentiary and visitor.

Mr. José Verdeguer García
Artistic Heritage Curator, Press delegate and Cathedral Museum Director.

Honorary Canons

Most Illustriou Messrs.
Mr. Juan Navarro Abad.
Mr. Emilio Machí Alandete.
Mr. Juan Antón Alonso.
Mr. Fernando Salom Climent

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