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Valencia Cathedral
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Statutes of the Chapter

Statutes of the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mary

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1. The Cathedral Church in the Archdiocese of Valencia
2. Nature of the Chapter
3. Purposes and Functions of the Chapter
4. Constitution

Chapter I. Members of the Chapter
Chapter II. Incorporation into the Chapter
Chapter III. Cessation and Retirement of Capitulars
Chapter IV. About the Sick Capitulars
Chapter V. Presidency of the Chapter
Chapter VI. About the Duties and Posts of Capitulars
Chapter VII. About the Chapter Committees
Chapter VIII. Canonical Brotherhood

5. Functioning of the Chapter
Chapter I. Rights and Duties of Capitulars
Chapter II. Capitular Meetings (Cfr. Eccv Art. 34)
Chapter III. Holidays and Absences of the Choir and the Cathedral
Chapter IV. Choir Service

6. Abouth the Assets, Administration and Distributions
7. About the Cathedral and the Chapter

Chapter I. About the Assets
Chapter II. About the Administration

Chapter III. About the Distributions

8. Relations of the Chapter
Chapter I. With the Archbishop
Chapter II. With the Metropolitan Curia and the Archdiocese
Chapter III. With the Authorities, Corporations and other Entities

9. Collaborators in the Service of the Cathedral
10. Final Regulations
11. Temporary Regulations

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