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Valencia Cathedral
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Cathedral Choir

November 2001.

First perfomance
22 January 2002, in the Valencia Cathedral, religious ceremony
of St. Vincent the Martyr.

Thirty choristers of mixed choirs with a Singing degree or in process
of acquisition.

Lus Garrido, and in liturgical ceremonies, Jos Climent.

The choir sometimes sings repertories kept in the Cathedral archive, even those which have never been performed.


Per al programa “Retrobem” de la Diputaci Provincial dos motets:
“Luget Judea”, “Ululate pastores” & the “Salve Regina” by Gins Prez.

A CD for La Luz de las Imgenes (The light of the Images) of Jtiva.
Masterpieces from the 17th to the 20th century that belonged to the collegiate church of Jtiva: Veana, Bayln, Narre, Cuevas, Morata, etc.

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